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Agrotourism in the Kaliningrad region.

The Kaliningrad region is a unique place where golden sand of the shore are washed by the waves of the Baltic sea, two fresh water bays - Curonean and Kaliningrad, where there is the National Park Curonean Spit, wild untouched nature on the Kaliningrad Spit, a lot of lakes, rivers, canals, beaches, archeological and architectural sights, various landscapes and centuriesТ old forests. All these attract a lot of guests from other parts of our country and from abroad. On the shores of the Baltic sea you can have all kinds of recreational and leisure activities: recreation for children, medical and health-improving service, excursions and educational activities, water and sport activities, agrotourism. But you more and more feel the urge to stay on your own, away from the city noise and hectic life, find some rest for your soul,  to have a drink of pure milk, to taste home-made butter, cream, and even to roast a piglet and relax in a warm atmosphere of a slow village life. You can find it in the manors of the Amber  region, in its districts: Zelenogradsky, Polessky, Nemansky, Gurievsky, Nesterovsky, Ozersky and on the Curonean Spit. 

WeТll advise you on unlimited possibilities of rest and good time. You can go fishing, hunting, riding, cycling or walking round the countryside here. ItТs so nice to sit near a bonfire or a fireplace together with your friends and  sing to the guitar. You can sleep on hey, have a course of phytotherapy, while sleeping on a herb - filled pillow. Walk around forests where you can watch wild rare birds and animals in their natural habitats attract a lot of people who are keen on Ђquietї hunting with a camera or video camera.    

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