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Zelenogradsky District

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Club - manor house "Klucken"

The manor house is situated aside a small settlement, in a small village, 100 m away from the lakes Shatrovskie,  300 m away from the forest, and 10 km away from the sea. Manor house is a  comfortable restored  2-storeyed brick house (total area is 500 sq. m.) with an attic, a mini-farm (rabbits, goats), poultry, a summer house, garden sheds, riding territory, a bore-hole with pure water. The area is fenced. The manor  house is open all year round.  Maximum visiting capacity - 10 people. LEISURE ACTIVITIES: week-end recreation, horse-riding trips, eco-tourism, swimming, forest walking trips, mushroom and berry picking. ChildrenТs recreation is organised according to the following programmes: leisure activities (games, cycling routes, fishing, hay harvesting, eco-tourism, entertainment programmes, master-class); school of nature (animals watching, growing vegetables), elementary riding (horse-care, riding); communicative English (play and study), orthodox education.    ACCOMMODATION: single, double rooms, rooms for 3 persoons in the manor house, apartments and parlor with fire-place. MEALS: breakfast is included,  other meals can be ordered locally (cooked in  a Russian stove). (on childrenТs programmes 5 meals a day are included). ACCOMMODATION COST: 21 euro per one person a day (breakfast is included). On childrenТs programmes: 150 euro per one child, 5 home-made meals a day, 5 -10 children in a group, seven-day programmes.  OTHER FACILITIES: horse-riding, car parking, Russian stove,  shared TV and telephone, fire-place,  bath, bonfire place, hay-loft, childrenТs playground, sports ground, football pitch, summer house, barbecue facilities, video- and computer-rooms, art-gallery, library, family celebrations, conferences, seminars, entertainment programmes,  rented  fishing equipment, bicycles,  childminders,  laundry washing and ironing.  The territory around is lit. Guests can watch farm animals. Fishing   and swimming places  are 100 m away,  mushroom and berry forest is 300 m away. The hosts can speak Engllish.  LOCATION: outskirts of  Kliukvennoe  settlement, tel. 8(0112) 55 17 46, e-mail: viktor.kr@baltnet.ru  

Guest House "Rybatskoe podvorie"

 The guest  house is situated 3 km away from the Baltic sea, resort town Zelenogradsk, 10 km away from the national park СCuronean SpitТ, 1 km away from the bay. Manor house is a  comfortable newly-built   3-storeyed brick and concrete house with  green lawns and flowerbeds. The area is fenced. The manor  house is open all year round.  Maximum visiting capacity - 15 people. LEISURE ACTIVITIES: boat fishing with entrance into the bays and the sea, sea voyages, excursions along the Curonean Spit and adjoining areas, picnics with cooking fish-soup on the open fire,  swimming.  ACCOMMODATION: There is a garage in the basement of the house, a dining-room, sitting-room, toilet, bathroom with jacuzzi, shower, gymnasium in the ground floor, guest rooms and toilet in the first floor and a gymnasium on the second floor. MEALS: breakfast is included, can be ordered locally or cooked as there are cooking facilities. ACCOMMODATION COST: 25 euro per one person a day (breakfast is included). OTHER FACILITIES: car parking,  shared TV, ship СSaint AdalbertТ, bonfire place, camping site rented bicycles, fishing equipment,  guided  tours, amber and birch-bark souvenirs, family celebrations, conferences and seminars, entertainment programmes.  Fishing   and swimming places  are 2 km away. LOCATION:  the town of Sosnovka, tel. 8(0112) 55 17 46, e-mail: viktor.kr@baltnet.ru

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