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Gvardeysky District

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Ecological farm "Taimyr"

The farm is situates at the place of former German farm, at the bank of the Pregel river, 500 m away from the forest and 4 km from Pushkarevskie Lakes. The area is fenced. Within the territory  of the farm there is a hunting guest house - a restored 2-storeyed German brick building, an orchard, a pond. The farm is open all year round. LEISURE ACTIVITIES: hunting - all year round, guaranteed hunting bag (wild boar, deer, wild goat); fishing - water tours in motor boats along the rivers and channels, entering Curonean and Kaliningrad Bays; excursions, air trips in YAK - 40 around the Kaliningrad region. Maximum capacity - 6 people. ACCOMMODATION: On the sroung floor of the guest house there is a large parlor with a fire-place, a kitchen, sauna with a swimming-pool, on the first floor there are 3 double bedrooms, billiards room, study and toilet. MEALS: breakfast is included in the price, other meals can be ordered locally. ACCOMMODATION COST: accomodation is 15 euro per person a day, hunting - 100 - 700 euro, fishing service must be booked in advance. OTHER FACILITIES: car parking, shared TV and telephone, study, sauna with swimming pool, parlor with a fire-place, bonfire place, camping site, billiards, table games, childrenТs playground, laundry washing and ironing, transfer. Guests can rent cars, sports equipment, bicycles, boats, fishing equipment. Guided tours and consultantТs services, educational programmes and consulting in establishing new partnerships in business and agriculture are provided, conferences, seminars can be held on the premises. Guest can bring their pets with them, watch the animal life on the farm, go picking mushrooms and berries in the woods. Hunting grounds and woods are 7 km away, swimming and fishing places are 200 m away. The hosts can speak German. LOCATION: the outskirts of Kuibyshevskoe settlement, tel.  8(0112) 55 17 46, e-mail: viktor.kr@baltnet.ru

Gvardeisky  Aeroclub

t is situated at the civil air field 5 km away from the town Gvardeisk. It is equipped with the airplanes YAK-52 (for 2 persons), YAK-40 (for 4 persons), AN-2 (for 10 persons). The length of the runway is 800 m. The club has got all requires licenses and certificates, provides the guests with the instructing service. SERVICE: learning piloting - the length of the course is 1 month. After the course the international pilot certificate is given (1.5 - 3.0 thousand euro); course in advanced piloting; course in parachute diving (10 - 13 euro per one go). The airfield accepts the light airplanes from abroad (customs and border procedures at place), guaranteed safety of machines and equipment, joint flights, technical assistance and service; assisted flights around the Kaliningrad region, Russia and abroad, taking fishermen and hunters to the places of fishing and hunting. LOCATION: the outskirts of Borskoe settlement,  tel.  8(0112) 55 17 46, e-mail: viktor.kr@baltnet.ru

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